This page is dedicated to all the videos I have produced and uploaded, as well as a brief description explaining each one. If you are wondering what items I have used and am using; check out the equipment page here. I hope you enjoy browsing my collection of videos, and maybe you will learn something new!

This video reviews the Spider Farmer SF1000 grow light!

This video shows you how to transplant cannabis in 60 seconds. It covers every step from squeezing the pot to adding mycorrhizae, and if you were wondering, features a 1 gallon pot being transplanted into a 100 gallon pot.

This video shows you how to make a mulch layer using native plants from your garden! Alternatively you can buy mulch from a local garden store or online, such as hay, arbor mulch etc.

This video covers the popular training technique of topping within 60 seconds. A quick, easy and free way to boost your yields, and all it takes is a second of your time!

This video is a full, comprehensive guide into compost tea and also shares some of my own recipes for AACT. I cover a couple myths and debunk them, and explain why compost tea is important, if not necessary for an organic garden. If you are new to organic gardening, or even if you are a growing veteran, this is a must watch.

This video showcases the best way to germinate cannabis, aka the paper towel method, and covers all the steps within 60 seconds. Time to start growing!

This video will show you how to clean your bong using two household items; isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Worms are a major part of organic gardening, and gardeners can spend hundreds if not thousands on worms over years. Instead of buying worms in 500 and 1000 packs, simply start your own worm farm and breed your own! This video will show you how as well as the cheap, basic set up needed to produce 500+ worms every 3 months.

Ever seen a clone at a dispensary and wondered how to plant it? Well, this is how! This video will show you the steps for planting a clone from a dispensary, although this also works for home made clones and seedlings!

Is your dab tool looking dirty? Perfect, this video will show you how to clean it!

A lot of people have asked me “how do I take a dab?” Well, this is how. This video shows you how to take a dab, as well as the items needed for a dabbing set up.

This video shows you how to clean a banger using a q tip, as well as a q tip with isopropyl alcohol. This is also known as q tip tech, and will keep your banger fresh and clean for months.

In this video I will show you step by step how I build living soil in my outdoor garden using the no till method. This is slightly adapted for use in plant pots, and be aware that you may need more or less fertilizer yourself. Building a no till system for your plants reduces fertilizer and water consumption overall, while increasing yields and reducing issues.

A recreation of an earlier video, this video covers the types of dab tools and what they are perfect for, as well as other tips and tricks concerning dab tools like how to clean them, and how to test titanium and steel quality.

This video will show you how to infuse coconut oil at home with cannabis. This works with hash, kief, trim, flower or any other cannabis product you can think of, and can be extremely potent if desired. This video uses equipment that can be found in most kitchens, making this recipe simple and easy to do.

This marked my first ever indoor grow, using autoflower genetics as well. This video covers the setup and start of the grow, but unfortunately the plants performed poorly and didn’t flower until several weeks after expected, and the project was scraped.

Designed as a presentation, this video will go over how to calculate dosages for cannabis edibles, approximations for different cannabis products as well as consumption and safety tips. This video is very in depth and at times boring, but covers everything you would need to know about dosing edibles for at home cooking.

Designed for those who are not able to roll joints or blunts by hand, this video shows you how to roll a hemp blunt, king size joint and 1 1/4 size joint using a rolling machine. Rolling machines are great for people who don’t have the ability to roll, never learned to roll, or for a quick and easy joint!

Marking the end of the 2019 Outdoor season, this video was shot a little differently than my other 2019 walk through videos, and featured the plants well into flower and before their eventual harvest.

This video was made as a full guide to cannabis seeds and germination. It covers the two main methods of germination, the paper towel and direct to soil method, as well as breeding basics and how to store your seeds. I had created a video on cannabis germination earlier which didn’t go into as much detail, and I also made a 60 second simplified version of the paper towel method later on.

This video is a walk through of the 2019 Outdoor garden after flowering had began. Most of the plants were stunted due to errors early in the year, but the terpenes and cannabinoid content seemed to be unaffected by the errors.

This video shows off my dab tool collection as I explain the pros and cons of each tool and which ones I suggest for usage. I later recreated this video and added some more information, which can be found higher up on this page, or here.

This video showcases my 2019 Outdoor garden in a walk-through filming technique. The year was filled with issues but still provided great content and opportunities to learn from rain, bugs etc.

This video covers how to store your cannabis seeds whether you have bought them from a dispensary or seed bank, or cultivated and harvested them yourself.

How to Germinate and Plant your Cannabis Seeds is one of the first videos I have ever created. The video covers how to germinate your seeds, as well as planting them and all the steps in between. This video was later recreated into a longer version as well as a 60 second how to version.