Equipment Reviews

This page lists products I have tried myself and how I felt about them, as well as any videos, articles or pictures that relate closely to the product being reviewed.

All the links on this page will typically go to Amazon or another easy to access site. Amazon has great deals on a lot of items we use, but a local hydroponics store will have better prices on soils and fertilizers. If you are not located near a hydroponics store, Amazon is typically your next best bet.

Spider Farmer SF1000

Review coming soon!

Buy here: Spider Farmer SF1000

Solar Xtreme 250

The Solar Xtreme 250 by California Light Works is a powerful, cost effective and efficient light. The light pulls around 200w, and is able to cover a 3×3 flower area inside of a tent with ease. Make sure to hang the light at 30″ during germination and 24″ during veg as these lights are extremely powerful, then have the light 18″ off the canopy once you are in flower. It is possible to germinate the plants, flip at 12″ and never have to adjust the lights, but adjust the lights as you see fit. This light also comes with 90 day unconditional returns and a warranty up to 3 years and is made in California, USA.

Overall I would highly recommend this light for someone who is ready to spend a bit more on an LED and go with a well known brand.

Price: 8/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Overall: 90/100

Buy here: Solar Xtreme 250